Resume Recordings Remix Contest

On September 8th, 1983, Tommy Boy Records released "Play That Beat MR. DJ", by artists G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid. The record would go down in history as one of the earliest examples of a call and response record between a DJ and an MC. Just one month after its release, Tommy Boy placed an advert  in Billboard Magazine, announcing their “Down By Law – Switch The Licks, Mastermix Contest!”.

DJ's were asked to submit a custom mix of "Play That Beat", which could also include songs from past and present. Entries would be judged by a panel of industry experts, who would be on the look-out for both, originality and technical proficiency. The winners of the contest would receive $100, a Tommy Boy t-shirt, a copy of all Tommy Boy releases to date, and have their mix released on vinyl, via New York's, Disconet Program Service. On November 30th, it was announced, that of the 75 entries submitted, the judges had chosen an entry entitled “The Payoff Mix”, by Double Dee & Steinski. The rest is history!


Resume Recordings & W.F.M.U. are proud to announce a remix contest, commemorating the 40th anniversary of G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid's - "Play That Beat", as well as Double Dee & Steinski's - "Payoff Mix". The contest will be hosted by Billy Jam, via his radio show, "Put The Needle On The Record" (W.F.M.U.). To mark the occasion, Hip Hop pioneers MC G.L.O.B.E. and M.C. Sha-Rock (Funky Four + 1 More) have teamed up to record a track celebrating DJ culture within Hip Hop, and were looking for you to do the remix!!



The remix contest will have an entry cap of 75 entries, so first come, first served.                                                              

All entries will be judged by a selected panel, with the top 10 entries judged by Double Dee & Steinski.

Contestants can acquire the audio parts of the G.L.O.B.E./Sha-Rock recording from BandCamp.                                                   

Contestants will be required to submit a remix (max 4 min) within the set time-frame.

All entries will be in WAV format, with selected entries to be broadcast via W.F.M.U. during the contest.

Contestants are required to clear all used samples before submitting an entry.

Contestants are limited to one entry each, and entries will be judged on originality and technical proficiency.

All entries submitted by email to

Entrants should include their name, country, and contact number.

Closing date for the contest is September 8th, 2023.




This is a winner takes all contest, and we have shaped the contest and prizes to memorialize the original event.

·         $100 bill

·         A Resume Recordings T-shirt

·         A ‘Reloop Ready’(Portable Performance Controller)

·         1 Year subscription to DJAY PRO

·         Limited vinyl release of the winning mix as a B-side to the original version (300 copies)